Who We Are

We are 5th generation farmers with a passion for crafting great tasting wines from grapes grown on our sustainably managed family farm. Our passion for nature, and the desire to preserve the land for future generations, lies at the heart of everything we do.

What began as grape growing evolved into varietal winegrowing and today the fourth and fifth generations work side-by-side together, continuing to build on the efforts of generations before us. After all, the land we farm today will be our children’s tomorrow!

There is a family hand in all that we do – from nurturing the land to grow premium fruit to harvesting the grapes in the dead of night and the sustainable operation of our winery. It’s the way we have always been – involved in our business, engaged in our community, and aware of our ability to impact everything around us.

We look to past generations for our history and a foundation of values; and we look to current generations to innovate and refine what those before us did so well. We are a family, first and foremost.